A Disease-Free Life Really is Possible

- properly supported, the body will reject disease.

The foundation of a disease-free life has 2 essential components -

  1. Complete Digestion - Of course it is better to eat properly but, a poor diet that is completely digested is better for you than a good diet that isn't. Why?
    Because undigested food becomes toxic and begins poisoning the body!
  2. A Strong Immune System - Pills can't cure anything but your immune system can... if it is functioning properly.

These two building blocks must be in place before you hope to reap the full rewards of other things that you can do to achieve and maintain good health. Ignore these and at best, you'll be wasting money... at worst, you're literally be courting disaster!

Digestion without enzymes is impossible -

Enzymes are the literal life force of the body. They are powerful biochemical catalysts that are required for every biological function in the body. But, virtually everyone's diet is severely enzyme deficient because:

  1. Enzymes generally can not survive temperatures of more than 118° F so they are destroyed by cooking; and
  2. Most fresh fruits and vegetables, unless certified organic, have been irradiated to kill harmful bacteria but that also destroys their enzymes.

That means that most of the food you eat is enzyme-dead plus, carbonated drinks, strenuous exercise, environmental factors and stress all deplete the body’s ability to produce enzymes. So if you want to keep partially digested food from poisoning your body, you have to take supplemental enzymes.

But... not all enzyme formulas are created equal -

A properly formulated enzyme product will:
  1. Supply a complete array of enzymes for the digestion of all seven (7) types of food including proteins, carbohydrates and fat;
  2. Provide an enzyme to break down gas and yet another to combat inflammation;
  3. Include in the formula all of the necessary cofactors* whose presence is necessary for enzymes to function;  and
  4. Have both acid and alkaline types of enzymes in all categories in order to support activity in the stomach as well as the intestines and blood.
    Note: Mineral cofactors must be in ionic-form.

A formula with adequate potency and every one of these characteristics will insure that foods are broken down into their most useable form increasing both the rate of digestion, and the bioavailability of nutrients.

It will also allow the body to produce the metabolic enzymes it needs for other critical bodily functions.  It will also increase immune system function by reducing toxicity in the blood and reduce time between bowel eliminations thereby reducing the buildup of toxicity.

Sterols and their effect on the immune system -

Having a healthy immune system can mean the difference between living an active, productive lifestyle, versus one plagued with ongoing illness and disease. Without a strong immune system, the body will succumb to the constant attacks and die.

Some of the benefits of a good sterol supplement:
  • Increases T-cell proliferation. T-cells are specialized cells that destroy developing cancer and mutating cells in your body and increase macrophage, nurtrophil, lymphocytes, and other immune system cells of the body that destroy viruses, bacteria, fungus, germs, etc. Sterol and its critical glucoside component, sterolin, enhance the ability of T-cells to divide, thereby increasing the number of T-cells in our defenses.
  • Regulates overproduction of B-cells (lymphokines) which promote the functions of T-cells making antibodies, responsible for auto-immune symptoms. Sterols also help regulate B-cell imbalance, triggering a dysfunctional autoimmune disorder to function normally.
  • Suppresses adrenal gland secretion of cortisol which is responsible for stress related disorders including weight gain and inflammation.

How long we live is certainly important and living without disease is probably going to maximize that number.  But think how great it would be to maximize the quality as well as the quantity.

Do the right thing nutritionally and you can have it all.